In the petrochemical industry, PVC material has been used extensively because of its unique properties. One of the most effective uses of this material is its use in the manufacture of water and other fluids pipes and hoses. PVC hose has a prominent feature that, if it is made of high-quality raw materials and formulation, their quality and durability will be superior to any other hose. PVC hoses have a lot of prominent features that are referred some of them:
A: High flexibility and softness: One of the characteristics of PVC hoses is its flexibility and deformability, which can withstand a lot of annoying factors, such as heavy pressure, and can protect itself against tears.

B. Resistance against harmful rays and beams: Chemical structure of the PVC hoses designed to withstand sun rays, such as thermal and UV radiation and so on. Its chemical chain does not disconnect against the rays.

C. Beautiful and appropriate color scheme: Another prominent feature of PVC material, especially in the manufacture of hoses, is the ability to create different colors for the product, while providing an appropriate mental environment for the user, allows consumers to choose based on their own tastes.

D.Chemical stability: Hoses which are made of PVC have a very high chemical stability. Meaning they will not lose their status over time. Chemical instability has altered the appearance, color and composition of the product, which, in addition to affecting the taste and smell of water, also makes it an inferior and inappropriate product.

 H. Availability of raw materials: The raw material of the PVC hose, like other products made from this material, is obtained from petrochemicals that is abundantly available and reproducible, which reduces its price versus other materials.
F. Transparent and non-transparent product according to usage: PVC material makes it possible for a hose product to be made transparent or non-transparent according to different uses and purposes. This issue itself is one of the advantages that makes the hose a more widely used material.
E. Corrosion Resistance: PVC hoses are largely resistant to some corrosive materials such as acids, bases, chemicals, oil and so on. This will increase the range of applications that apply to the hose product.
G. Other highlights of high-quality PVC hoses include high tensile strength, high resistance to fluid pressures, thermal strength, resistance to breakage and cracking and so on.